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How to contribute to the NZPRN wiki

How to Contribute to the NZPRN Wiki


The NZPRN is a network of researchers interested in botanical research to promote collaboration and discussion of ideas, methods and projects. In keeping with the collaborative spirit of the NZPRN, we have decided our web presence is best maintained as a wiki, to which all members can contribute.

Aims of the NZPRN wiki are to:

  • Allow all users to easily edit and create new pages within the wiki for the sharing and dissemination of information across institutional and international boundaries.
  • Involve NZPRN members in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration.
  • Be a self-monitoring forum, with minimal control.

Specifically, you could use the wiki to:

  • Maintain your current contact details under the People section.
  • Maintain linkages with other plant radiation researchers in New Zealand and abroad.
  • Investigate starting collaborative projects, and promoting projects with which you are currently involved.
  • Find out about upcoming events relevant to plant radiations.
  • Promote upcoming events with which you are involved.
  • Act as an online repository for any sort of data you want to share with plant radiation researchers and/or the general public.

If you need any help with uploading material to the wiki, please do not hesitate to e-mail nzprn.webmaster@anatomy.otago.ac.nz.

If you have any tips for using the wiki please add them to this page.

How to contribute to the wiki

NZPRN members and anyone interested in plant radiations is invited to register for an account so that they can contribute to the wiki.

Registration process:

  1. E-mail nzprn.webmaster@anatomy.otago.ac.nz and ask to be registered.
  2. Within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail containing your WikiName (username) and password. Now you can log in to the wiki and start creating and editing pages.

If you have any question or problems, please e-mail nzprn.webmaster@anatomy.otago.ac.nz.

Creating pages

For an excellent wiki overview, see here. There is also some useful information on the welcome page.

Key instructions:

  1. Log in to the wiki (see registration above).
  2. Click "Create New Topic" in the left sidebar.
  3. Please use WikiWords for topic names, i.e., two capitalised words joined without a space (e.g., TaxaCordyline).
  4. Choose the correct Topic Parent (usually one of the section headings in the navigation bar above). This will help maintain a logical wiki structure.
  5. ALERT!When a new page is created it will contain the code " % INCLUDE{AdminHeader} % ". It is important not to delete this (it encodes the title picture and navigation bar). Please start typing on the next line. It is optional whether you include the system-generated signature.
  6. To help with navigation, the first heading should be one of the main sections from the navigation bar. This will help orientate readers so they know where they are in the wiki.

TIPKey points:

  • To include a picture (or any other file) it must first be uploaded to the page/topic. These files are called attachments. First save the page, and then click "Attach" in the upper right corner. Check the box next to "Do not show attachment in table" to prevent a list of attachments being displayed at the bottom of the page. See below under "Adding Attachments" for more detailed instructions on how to do this.
  • Any word with an uppercase letter in the middle (e.g., PhD, McDonald) will be recognised as a WikiWord, and will be treated as a link. To prevent this, highlight the word and choose "LITERAL" from the format pull-down menu.
  • Intrepid wiki users should check out the page on TWiki Variables.

Editing pages

Key instructions:

  1. Log in to the wiki (see registration above).
  2. Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the page you would like to edit.

Adding publications to the publication list, and hyperlinking to the online abstract or article

1. Find the internet website for the abstract or pdf of the paper you wish to add to the list. Keep the window open.

2. In another browser window, go to http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/NzprnPublications, log in to the wiki (see "Editing Pages" above), and click "Edit" in the upper right corner.

3. Find the correct year for your publication in the publications list, and click "Enter" after the last publication in the list to create a new numbered bullet point. Copy** or type the complete citation for your paper there. Type the word " Article" after your citation. **NOTE: If you already have an online list of publications that includes hyperlinks to your articles, you can simply copy and paste it into the editing window, and you can skip step 4 and move straight on to step 5!

4. Highlight the word "Article". Click on the icon that looks like chain links above the editing window. Copy and paste the url from your paper abstract or article in "Link URL". In "Target" choose "Open link in a new window". (Ignore "Title" and "Class"). Click "Insert".

5. You should now see the word(s) that you highlighted and hyperlinked in blue and underlined. Click "Save" at the bottom of the editing window.

6. Check to make sure your new link works by clicking on it. It should open a new window at the indicated page.

7. To REMOVE a hyperlink, click "Edit" in the upper right corner. Highlight the word(s) that are currently hyperlinked (e.g., "Article"). Click on the icon that looks like BROKEN chain links to delete the hyperlink. Click "Save" at the bottom of the editing window. Check to see if your link has now been removed.


Attachment formats for Microsoft Office files

If uploading files generated in Microsoft Office, please save your file in the 97–2003 format (.doc, .ppt, .pps, etc.) and not the newer 2007 formats (.docx, .pptx, .ppsx, etc.). This will ensure that people who don't yet have Office 2007 (or a converter) installed are still able to open the file.

Adding attachments

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a link to an attachment (i.e. ppt, pdf, word file). I'll use an example of adding an IBC talk/poster to that events page.

  1. First you need to attach your document to the appropriate page on the wiki. Go to this page: http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/EventsIbcmelbournetext and click "Attach" in the upper right corner.
  2. A page with three bullets will appear. In "Attach new file", choose your talk or poster file (i.e. ppt, pdf, word). In "Comment", write a brief description of what the file is ("Heidi Meudt's IBC 2011 presentation"). In "Properties", check the second box only to prevent a list of attachments being displayed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click "Upload file".
  4. Now you need to find the URL for your attachment. You should be back at http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/EventsIbcmelbournetext. Click "Attach" again. This time you should see your file listed in the table near the bottom called "Attachments of EventsIbcmelbournetext". RIGHT CLICK on your file name (e.g., Meudt_Sym083_IBC2011.ppt) and choose "Copy shortcut" (or equivalent, depending on your browser). Now go back to http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/EventsIbcmelbournetext by clicking "Cancel" or using your browser's "Back" button.
  5. Again you should be back at http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/EventsIbcmelbournetext. This time, click "Edit". Highlight the title of your talk or poster, and then click on the "Insert/edit link" icon (it looks like an unbroken chain) to create a link from the highlighted text to your file. A small "Insert/edit link" window will appear. Paste the shortcut in the "Link URL" space, choose "Open Link in a New Window" under "Target", and click "Insert".
  6. Click "Save". This should take you back to http://nzprn.otago.ac.nz/wiki/bin/view/NZPRN/EventsIbcmelbournetext. Test that your file downloads by clicking on the link you just made!

Wiki etiquette and copyright

For the meantime, all material can be edited by any registered user. Please use commonsense when choosing what material to edit. Editing should be restricted to your own contributions and to clearly ‘communal’ material. Please do not modify the overall site structure and navigation without consultation with the current committee.

Please ensure you have the appropriate permission for any material you are uploading.

Known issues

If you experience any problems with the wiki that are not covered here, please e-mail nzprn.webmaster@anatomy.otago.ac.nz.


If you do not set the alignment (i.e., Alignment = "--Not Set --") then it is also not possible set any formatting options (e.g., border, column width, cell spacing), even if these values are entered in the Insert Table window. Instead, the table will be formatted in the default Twiki format, like this:

Fruit Colour Surface
Kiwifruit Green Tomentose
Banana Yellow Glabrous

If specific formatting is required then the alignment must be specified ("Center", "Left" or "Right"). Now formatting (including HTML) can be used, and the table will look something like this:

Kiwifruit Green Tomentose
Banana Yellow Glabrous

Note, however, that setting align="left" will cause the text to wrap around the table.


There are a couple of issues with the Insert Picture Box:

  • If the image does not insert despite choosing it from the "Image list" pull-down menu then you will need to enter the full URL in the "Image URL" field. Obtain the URL by going to the list of attachments for the page and clicking on the appropriate image. Then copy the URL from your browser's address bar into the "Image URL" field in the Insert Picture window.
  • Image previews that are displayed in the Insert Picture window may partially obscure the "Insert" button. However, you should still be able to click the edge of this button.

On a PC, the recommended browser when editing pages is Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome may cause problems when inserting and editing tables.

Web Browsers

On a PC, the recommended browser when editing pages is Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome may cause problems when inserting and editing tables.


ChangePassword for changing your password

ChangeEmailAddress for changing your email address

Useful Links

WelcomeGuest - starting points on TWiki

Frequently Asked Questions About TWiki

ATasteOfTWiki - view a short introductory presentation on TWiki for beginners

TWikiUsersGuide - complete TWiki documentation, Quick Start to Reference

UserDocumentationCategory is a list of TWiki user documentation

Sandbox - try out TWiki on your own


The NZPRN Committee would like to thank Ross Marshall-Seeley (IT Manager, Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology, University of Otago) for his help in establishing this wiki.

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